Ethanol Extraction Equipment

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Down to -50C for full spectrum. United States Patent Pending.

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Lower Lead Time

When extracting at such low temperature Winterization is mitigated.

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Full Spectrum Crude

Our FFE design efficiently captures high key notes & recovers 99% of ethanol.

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Boosted Automated Ethanol Extraction Systems

EthoEx™ has developed an energy efficient, fully automated pilot plant production system using our 30+ years of expertise in Chemical Engineering, Plant Process Engineering and Automated Systems / Mechatronics

Our Vision

Super Chilled Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction Systems offering scalability to meet higher production requirements, is energy efficient and meets all standard building, electrical, mechanical and fire code requirements

Why Choose EthoEx™

Optimized performance is what we specialize in. We lower your footprint, costs, and time of operation while eliminating bottle necks

  Why Ethanol Extraction?  

Falling Film Evaporators Are One of the Top Methods

EthoEx Falling Film Evaporators are one of the most efficient methods of liquid vs. liquid separation due to their high heat transfer coefficients. These systems are commonly used in industrial applications where decreased processing time is important. Their function is to remove the bulk of the solvent away from the target liquid.

Our System is Capable of Removing 99% of Ethanol

Depending on the customers SOP, flow rates of the tincture and the temperature of the heat exchanger system can directly change the amount of ethanol removed from the tincture. The designed falling film evaporator system is designed to remove the bulk of the ethanol for recirculation (i.e. 99%) leaving 1% of ethanol in the tincture.

The High Key Note Terpene Profiles Remain

Because the ethanol removal is done in bulk by the FF system under vacuum, most of the high key note terpene profiles remain for a fragrant, aromatic, and flavorful product not seen by most falling film evaporators that operate under much higher temperature.

3 Important Business Factors

Here at EthoEx™ we believe the little things are just important as the Big.



Yield is probably the oldest metric in the book. EthoEx™ understands the importance of timely manufacturing that meet compliance and quality standards.



The age old control of cost is the key to any business success. EthoEx™ has in turn focused efforts on Process Engineering and Automated Systems/Mechatronics.



Our systems are scalable helping to meet higher production requirements, energy efficiency and meets all standard building, electrical, mechanical and fire code requirements.


If you're an interested investor, partner or prospective client send us an email to receive your password and access.

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News & Press

Offering info and clarity regarding Extraction Equipment technology and promise

Mass Ethanol Extraction

Niche markets enable artisanal extracts. Small-scale extraction dominates in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, but California plays a different game: economies of scale...

Extraction Company Acquistions

North American leader in extraction, formulation and turnkey packaging solutions, has completed the acquisition of the assets of SugarLeaf Labs, LLC and Forest Remedies LLC ...

Prime Platform Release

EthoEx Corporation is a Technology company focused specifically on ethanol extraction equipment platforms, cloud-based software monitoring, and data analytics across all platforms....

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