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EthoEx Extraction

BEST Plant – Based Oils for the Skin

Gone are the days of heavy, greasy oils to keep skin moisturized in the dead of winter—or during drier months. Today, essential oils are an everyday necessity and a four-season workhorse for the skin. The best essential oils quickly absorb into the skin to offer everything from hydration, smoothing bumps and clearing up blemishes. There … Read More.

EthoEx: Engineering Mass Ethanol Extraction – Extraction Magazine

Niche markets enable artisanal extracts. Small-scale extraction dominates in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, but California plays a different game: economies of scale. Taxation and rigorous batch testing requirements have pressed manufacturers to the wall. “The only players that will be able to survive are the ones who can produce a large amount of extract,” said … Read More.

Exclusive: A Comprehensive Guide to Essential Oil Extraction Methods

PRODUCTION OF ESSENTIAL OILS Have you ever wondered about how to make essential oils? Let us explain that Essential Oils are not made but instead, they are extracted from plant materials. Extractions are used to obtain a plant’s active botanical constituents that function as its “life force.” They are essentially the liquefied version of a … Read More.