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Automation is the Future of Cannabis – Ethanol Extraction

Technology is all about streamlining processes and making life more convenient; this is true for every industry, including cannabis. Growers aren’t the only ones automating though. For example, our proprietary technology functions to make extraction easier. We have the ability to extract at low temps up to the freezing point of ethanol, optimally at -90 … Read More.

CBD: On a real market high

CBD: On a real market high Cannabidiol, a chemical compound extracted from hemp, is now at the center of a swiftly-growing industry which last year derived about $600 million in U.S. sales. CBS-Lee Cowan reports.

EthoEx: Engineering Mass Ethanol Extraction – Extraction Magazine

Niche markets enable artisanal extracts. Small-scale extraction dominates in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, but California plays a different game: economies of scale. Taxation and rigorous batch testing requirements have pressed manufacturers to the wall. “The only players that will be able to survive are the ones who can produce a large amount of extract,” said … Read More.

EthoEx Ethanol Extraction at the Cannabis Business Summit and Expo

Come on out and see us!!

Come on out and see us at the annual Cannabis Business Summit & Expo at the San Jose Convention Center July 23-24. If you can make it feel free in stopping by our booth. We are also scheduling appointments for those interested. CLICK HERE to set your appointment. Hosted by the cannabis industry’s largest and … Read More.

Bill filed in Mass. House would make CBD legal in food, cosmetics, and more

Source: A bill filed in the Massachusetts House of Representatives on Thursday would clear up statewide confusion around the legality of CBD, putting to rest concerns from consumers and hemp cultivators that their CBD products could be seized or their growing licenses revoked. The legislation, if passed, would effectively reverse recent guidance from the … Read More.

FDA Begins Evaluating Cannabis Scientifically

Source: The Food and Drug Administration says it knows there’s demand for cannabis products, but says it’s taking a “science-based” approach to determine their safety and efficacy as it considers how to handle their legality. The FDA recently opened a public docket on cannabis and cannabis-infused products and held its first-ever hearings as it … Read More.

New law may protect Kansans who use THC CBD oil for medical treatment

Source: WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A new law goes into effect that may protect Kansans in possession of THC CBD oil for medical purposes. According to HB 2244, if you have a debilitating condition, possess CBD oil with a small amount of THC, and have a note from your doctor, you now have an affirmative … Read More.

Exclusive: A Comprehensive Guide to Essential Oil Extraction Methods

PRODUCTION OF ESSENTIAL OILS Have you ever wondered about how to make essential oils? Let us explain that Essential Oils are not made but instead, they are extracted from plant materials. Extractions are used to obtain a plant’s active botanical constituents that function as its “life force.” They are essentially the liquefied version of a … Read More.