Industrial Tolling Opportunities

If you're not quite ready to invest in large scale industrial equipment but require industrial quality and output, tolling could be a great solution EthoEx offers flexible tolling services and opportunities.

What is Tolling?

Essential oil toll processing is essentially where a farm provides it’s dried biomass and the extraction facility provides extraction services. This is typically done for either a paid tolling arrangement, where the cultivator pays to have it extracted for them, or a tolling split, where the extraction facility and the farm decide on a designated split arrangement on the extracted product.

Essential oil processing procedures and extraction (solution) methods can range between hemp processing facilities and regions – for differing biomass varietals. Approaches and technology are constantly changing as the hemp industry continues to mature.

Most biomass varietal species are grown for specific reasons and some strains have multiple purposes. Multi-purpose biomass varietals can serve more than one purpose for seed harvesting, processing fibers, and/or processing biomass into essential oil products.

Let us assist with monetizing your biomass, lowering cost, and reducing lead times

3 Reasons to Choose EthoEx™

Here at EthoEx™ we believe the little things are just important as the Big.



Yield is probably the oldest metric in the book. EthoEx™ understands the importance of timely manufacturing that meet compliance and quality standards.



The age old control of cost is the key to any business success. EthoEx™ has in turn focused efforts on Process Engineering and Automated Systems/Mechatronics.



Our systems are scalable helping to meet higher production requirements, energy efficiency and meets all standard building, electrical, mechanical and fire code requirements.